We at Brave Factor focused on working with socially responsible companies. While we still stand by that with every client we work with, our new approach is to focus on being an outsourced team for web agencies, software firms, and other companies. We provide fast, responsive, beautiful, functional, white label WordPress design and development without your client even knowing we are part of the team.

We aren’t giving up on non profits or freelancing for small clients. We still offer discounts to nonprofits and social enterprises that work to make a better world.

Plus, every year we pledge to donate up to $10,000 worth of design, branding, and web development to a non profit that we strongly believe in. Last year, we worked with The Freedom Story, helping them rebrand their name, creating new print materials, and an entire new WordPress website with custom donation plugins. This year, we will be working with Seri and Ethical Storytelling.

Thank you all for being with us on this journey. If you need a reliable freelancing team, feel free to contact us!