La Familia is a community outreach nonprofit in the Bay Area. They provide free, high-quality mental health and support services to low-income Bay Area residents. La Familia came to Brave, looking to upgrade their old website into something that can be used easier, tell their story better, and create better results.


Digital Strategy, Web + UX Design,
Custom Web Development


Community Family Services Nonprofit


Bay Area, California


Completed in 2022

la familia nonprofit design
la familia nonprofit website

The Challenge

La Familia felt stuck on their four-year-old website. It used an outdated platform that didn’t allow them to make edits. As a result, they had too many quickly developed pages without enough clear call-to-actions. La Familia knew it was time to upgrade, and they needed help.

la familia logo
la familia nonprofit homepage


Throughout the years, they knew they needed to adjust the language and funnels of the website from service-focused to storytelling-focused to attract more donors. Through our discovery process, we found what is most important to their target audience and created a plan to be effective with their new website.

la familia icon process
la familia icons
la familia case study
la familia mobile web design

Both internally and externally we have heard that our website is so much more easy and clear to navigate. Not only that but the general community has a better understanding of what our core values our due to our carefully crafted layout and language.

Ray Casarez
Communications Manager at La Familia
la familia case study hands
la familia donate page web design

The Results

We worked with La Familia to refine their legacy brand style into a stronger visual identity. It also welcomed more users through our English and Spanish web pages.

The website focused on creating cleaner user experiences with less to navigate. But the website also made life easier for the La Familia team. Before, all contact and intake forms had to be typed in manually into their systems. We helped them reduce that busy work significantly through our integrated forms.

“We were always blown away by their above and beyond mentality.”

Ray Casarez
Communications Manager at La Familia