nonprofit branding consultant

We've specialized as a nonprofit strategy consultant and we understand the unique challenges nonprofits face.

Our nonprofit branding agency starts with collaboration and research. We work with you to discover the core of your organization, what makes you unique, who your target audience is, and how to connect with them to create deeper loyalty. At the end of the process, you will have a detailed brand positioning deck that guides future communications for your nonprofit marketing efforts.

Get a lasting foundation that will serve you for years to come.

nonprofit branding consultant
Brand Positioning

Your positioning statement identifies who you are and what makes you unique in your focus area. We work with you to discover your x-factor, tone of voice, impact, who you connect with, and how to stand apart from the rest.

nonprofit branding consultant
Brand Persona

We discover which brand archetype character your organization best represents to help future marketing efforts. Brand personas create more clarity in messaging and positioning when engaging with your target audience.

nonprofit branding consultant
Brand Values

You have a foundational mission and core values you live by. We help identify these values to make sure that all are united on one path. These values are your guiding light and vital to a growing nonprofit.

nonprofit branding consultant
Brand Voice

Consistency in grammar and tone of voice is important when building trust with your supporters. We work with you to create a complete guide that plans the rules for future communication efforts.

nonprofit branding consultant
Target Audience

We look at who they are, their goals, challenges, and how you can engage with them for better results. By understanding your target audience, we can help form stronger brand loyalty and map ways to increase your impact.

Brand Story

Looking at your supporters and how your organization interacts with them, we create a story structure for your nonprofit. We want to help you create more emotional connections through a solid storytelling foundation that honors your clients and unites your donors.

Why work with Brave?

Since 2017, we’ve helped create brands, build websites, and design communications for nonprofits and foundations around the world. Our creative process is built to solve your communication challenges and create real value for you and your target audience. We know the design and development process can be frustrating, and it’s our mission to be a partner that leads you through a creative process that is actually enjoyable.

nonprofit branding consultant

Winning awards isn't important, but we must admit, it does feel good.


Digital Strategy
for nonprofits

Digital Strategy
for agencies globally
ADDY – 2024

Gold in Consumer Website
for United Arts


Honorable Mention
for Brave Factor


Silver in Website Design
for Jaguar Creek


Silver in Website Design
for Jaguar Creek


Bronze for Apps for Social Change
for Mother’s Milk Bank Austin

Prepare for that big web project with our digital strategy process for nonprofits.

If you don’t need to dive too deep into your brand’s tone of voice or competitor research, we can help create a roadmap that saves you time, money, and energy on your next web project. Our nonprofit branding consultant will work with you through our digital strategy process:

User Journey

After understanding your target audience, we look at the process of them learning about and falling in love with your cause. We map out the user’s journey through their emotions to make sure that we plan for each step of their journey.

Website Flow

We map out major call-to-actions to make sure the user journey is smooth and manageable. This helps us make sure to not overbuild a website, or miss important call-to-actions that could help you hit your organization’s goals.

Digital Strategy

Looking at needs, technology, and user journeys, we create a plan for your future website and create a thorough checklist for the project’s success.

Who is brand strategy for?

Startups & Young Nonprofits

Who need a nonprofit branding consultant to help them present themselves as more established in their space

Large Organization

Who are looking to realign on their nonprofit brand after many years or significant growth.

Any Big Project

To make sure we identify what your target audience needs and plan for success in your website’s user journey and website flow.

Ready to start your project?