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You have a brave mission that transforms lives. We love to support you in every way we can. We build brands for social justice organizations, human rights nonprofits, anti-human trafficking causes, and community groups to help create genuine systemic change.

Discover strong branding and storytelling for social justice nonprofits that stand up for all people's rights.

Rise is a national civil rights nonprofit that helps others pen their own civil rights into existence. We exist to shift the power from politicians to the people, but they needed help to tell their story. Together, we created a fresh brand style and unique digital experience to help them create ripple effects across all states and build a safer, more equitable world.

How we can help tell your social justice nonprofit’s story:

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Creating clarity through discovery & research

Make it clear what your organization stands for and why it matters. Our discovery process aligns your cause around a powerful brand position, mission, beliefs, and values.

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Digital experiences that energizes communities

Your website is one of your greatest assets. We work with you to plan a site that hits accessibility requirements, creates better engagement, and lasts for years.

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Moving people to action through impactful design

Through custom design, we help you connect to your target audience through authentic stories and actionable ways they can join your mission.

Ready to realign your social justice nonprofit's brand positioning?