Rise is a national civil rights nonprofit that helps others pen their own civil rights into existence. They exist to challenge broken systems, shifting the power from politicians to the people. Rise hired Brave to help them better establish their online brand. Together, we created a website that would help cause ripple effects across all states and create a safer, more equitable world.


Digital Strategy, Web + UX Design, Custom WordPress Development


Social Justice Nonprofit


The United States



The Challenge

Although their name is powerful, the one-word brand is difficult to rank for. Rise wanted to become a household name, synonymous with empowering everyday people to become more engaged with their democracy. They wanted to tell their story, not just present the information. And they wanted to showcase others’ work, not just their founder’s, and make it easier for people to explore their campaigns to get involved.

Rise civil right nonprofit web design


After working through Discovery with them, we created a content plan to inspire their target audience through their content. We also agreed to integrate a blog for a more effective content marketing to help reach their marketing goals. We wanted to make sure that content and next steps were clear for those who had their own incident of sexual violence and were unaware of their rights and resources available.

The team communicated well on progress and took the initiative to suggest ideas that we didn't think of."

Amanda Nguyen
CEO & Founder, Rise
Rise typography
Rise interactive map
"This has been such a high goal for the organization for over a year, and I’m truly grateful that you and your team."
Ismary Guardarrama
Social Media Manager & Policy Associate, Rise
Rise civil right nonprofit web design
“I am floored by how gorgeous everything looks. It's way beyond what I could have imagined. I'm so so so grateful for you and your team for doing your magic and creating something that perfectly aligns with our values and our vision.”
Ismary Guardarrama
Social Media Manager & Policy Associate, Rise

The Results

We created a more beautiful website with better storytelling to connect with their unique target audiences. Using their brand colors, cheerful imagery, and bold headlines, we created a new way to authentically tell their story.