Stories matter now more than ever. Content is everywhere and the digital age has made everything much more competitive. If the website’s content is not engaging, it can be difficult for readers to understand the benefits or know what they do next.

When planning website content for every page, consider the story you want to tell, the goals you want to accomplish, and most importantly, who your target audience is. Every user has a problem and motivation for considering your service or product. Engage that user’s needs, problems, and motivations to create more effective pages. Here’s how to structure web content as a story.

Simple web page storytelling can be as simple as:

  • The headline – A one-liner so the user knows what to expect on the page. They should see who this site is for, why it exists, and what success they will get within 10 seconds.
  • The problem – What problem is your website’s service/product solving?
  • The solution – How does your website’s service or product solve their problem?
  • The benefits – Why does this solution work?
  • The plan – What steps does someone need to take?
  • Your authority – Who you are and why you can do what you promise.
  • The call-to-action + plan – Every page should have some kind of “next step” so if they finish reading, they know what to do next.

Each section of structure web content should make the user ask a question and want to learn more about your website’s service or product:

  • The headline – “Oh that’s me…”
  • “What is it going to do for me?” – 3-5 Benefits
  • “Why should I care?” – The Problem
  • “Ok, then what is the solution?”– The Solution + Plan
  • “Why is this awesome?” – More Benefits (if needed)
  • “How do I know you can help?” – Your Authority
  • “What do I do next?” – The CTA + Plan

Your structure web content should guide the user step-by-step through their questions and the answers while encouraging them to take the action you want them to take. This is why simple landing pages with no design can be very effective. They understand their users, what problems that user has, and offer a solution. It might be an all-white webpage, but the story is what makes the sales.

Polish your story on your website, or help clients with structuring their website content to tell more stories and you’ll see a difference.