It’s no secret that we live in the future. Artificial Intelligence (AI) surrounds our daily lives, even when we don’t know it. And it’s not going away any time soon. So as leaders of our organizations, we need to learn how to adapt to the times.

Thankfully, AI isn’t the scary iRobot version (yet). Instead, it can help us save a lot of time on things we’ve done manually. From photo manipulation to text editing to website compliance, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite AI tools to help nonprofits save time and money.


Need a background removed but don’t want to waste time Photoshopping it out? automatically removes backgrounds from images for your email, social media post, or fundraising campaign. It’s freakishly easy and quite effective.

2. ChatGPT

Most people have heard of this one, and for a good reason. ChatGPT is an AI-generated tool that can generate human-like responses, making it an ideal tool for nonprofits looking for support in their communications, engagement, and fundraising efforts. ChatGPT is only as good as the prompts you give it, so there is a little bit of a learning curve when getting started. Use it for:

  • Creating personalized donation appeals
  • Writing event invitations
  • Refining posts for your social platforms
  • Promoting your fundraising events
  • Segmenting your donors and creating custom communications for each group
  • Writing copy for impact and annual reports
  • Creating personalized emails

We use ChatGPT, but usually for refining what we’ve already written. It still needs a human touch to make the content authentic, but it helps with writer’s block.


This tool can help nonprofit organizations save time and effort by automating the transcription process and provides a useful record of meetings and events that can be shared with team members or stakeholders. Some features of include:

  • Automatic transcription of spoken language
  • Keyword search and highlight to find important information quickly
  • Meeting summaries to provide a concise overview of key points and action items
  • Integration with other tools, such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

4. Botsforcharity

Get more donations and help more people through chat! This free chatbot was created in collaboration with Direct Relief & Mind Hero. Reach and respond more quickly by installing this Facebook messenger chatbot and get notified when a donor, volunteer, or request for assistance comes in.

5. Canva for nonprofits

With Canva for Nonprofits program, you can access premium design tools to help you create impactful marketing and campaign materials. It recently improved with AI, so you can highlight an image, type in a prompt, and get an automated image created precisely where you need it. Canva is easy to use, so your whole team can use it.

6. Wisely

This powerful tool equips you with the real-time insights you need to connect with the right donor at the right time. With Wisely, you gain unparalleled access to valuable information about potential donors, including who will give, how much they might contribute, and when they are most likely to do so.

7. Taskade

Are you looking for a solution to help manage teams and projects for your nonprofit? Taskade is that solution. It’s a simple tool that can improve productivity while encouraging communication and collaboration. Some valuable features for nonprofits are:

  • Manage projects and task lists
  • Collaborate as a team
  • Plan events
  • Organize fundraising
  • Manage volunteers
  • Create SOPs

8. AccessiBe

Website compliance is getting more serious (and slightly more scary). But it doesn’t have to be. accessiBe is an excellent tool that uses AI to check your website for compliance. It also supports your organization in case anyone tries to challenge the accessibility of your site. Plus, the U.S. government promotes and supports accessibility practices that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by incentivizing the efforts made and sustained with a tax credit (a credit is the amount subtracted from your overall liability after calculating your taxes). So you can actually get some money off your taxes by using an AI tool like this.

9. Grammarly

Although it’s slightly older compared to the others, it is an excellent AI tool that checks your grammar. Grammarly helps fix mistakes and make recommendations to make your text more friendly or professional. (We actually used it to double-check our writing on this post.)

AI can improve our lives if we find the right way to use the tools. So, what AI tools do you like to use?