We are so excited to announce that our co-founder has launched a course for budding web designers and web developers called The Complete Guide to Web Project Management.

We have all been there. You’re on the ‘nth revision and the client is frustrated. The web project was supposed to be done months ago but the client keeps asking for more. This course is here to help guide you through smooth client management in web projects that makes them even more confident in your skills.

At the beginning of the course, we will explore what good project management means, how to create your own standards and ways to be accountable to yourself and your client. We’ll look at how to talk to your client through every step of the process so you can get approvals faster. And finally, we’ll guide you through ten detailed scenarios that might arise during the project, showing you how to confidently address these challenges like a professional.

“This course has been my own struggle for the past 5 years in my agency. Managing clients, delivering content on time, and finishing projects by the deadline were always challenging for me. Then, we started creating processes, establishing standards, and over-exceeding on communication. I hope this course helps others find success faster and easier than I did!” – Lauren Kay

Ready to evolve your clients’ experiences in the web process? Get The Complete Guide to Web Project Management course with lifetime access to the lessons, templates, resources, and all updates.

Learn more at Lytbox Academy!