People are often surprised to learn we are a team living overseas. But our focus is always to give you the same quality work with the same level of communication you are used to with any agency down the street (coffee time together, aside).

Pros of overseas agencies:

  • We’re experienced. There is no training with us – just give us the brief and we’ll check-in with deliverables. We have over 30 years of combined experience launching dozens (if not hundreds) of websites for all kinds of industries, mostly nonprofits and social enterprises.
  • We’re flexible. We may be on a reverse sleeping schedule, but we rarely sleep. We can join your meetings on your schedule.
  • We hit your deadlines. We have no shame, so we ask the stupid questions that get us closer to the desired results.
  • Your team stays focused. We know things get dropped when you get too busy. Keep your team focused on their much needed tasks and hand off the rest to us, knowing you can still meet all of your clients’ expectations.

Cons of overseas agencies:

  • Time travel is hard. There is a time difference. Sometimes it works in our advantage. Sometimes it doesn’t. Because we recognize how important it is to be fast and responsive, we always try to overlap a few hours with your work day so we can sync up on projects and daily tasks.
  • Communication can be a challenge. But we work hard to bridge that nasty gap. We join your project management systems, your time/budget tracking software and send weekly updates about the progress made, challenges met, where we need help or answers.