Impact Frontiers is a peer learning and market-building collaboration developed with and for asset managers, asset owners, and industry associations. We worked with them to elevate their brand and website to that of an impact influencer, building out free, online learning platforms to train impact investors around the world.


Digital Strategy, Web + UX Design,
Custom Web Functionality, Custom WordPress Development


Impact Investing Educational Platform




Completed in 2022

impact frontiers web design

The Challenge

Impact Frontiers evolved over the years and was positioned to absorb content from one of their partners. We wanted to make sure, with this transition, that we honored the original partner, gave credit where credit was due, and kept a similar brand style as before. We needed to do that in a way that feels united (even though it was two distinct brands), professional, and trustworthy.

impact frontiers logo

Brave Factor won the bid because their questions and suggestions even during the RFP process indicated that they were thinking more critically and proactively about the project than the other web designers were.

Mike McCreless
Executive Director, Impact Frontiers


We spent a month with Impact Frontiers, learning from them about their vision and helping to create clarity for their future. Through our discovery sessions, we learned about their target audience and the various skill levels they are. Because the website was going to be very specific (cohorts for experienced investors, but online learning for new, exploring investors), we had to be careful when mapping the flow of call-to-actions on each page.

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color guideline
typography guide
impact frontiers web design

Brave Factor conducted discovery meetings, a brief strategy audit, created moodboards and draft design templates, carefully went through multiple rounds of feedback with us on each until they fully understood our goals and preferences, and finally proceeded to site design, testing, and launch.

Mike McCreless
Executive Director, Impact Frontiers
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impact frontiers web design

The final website was absolutely beautiful and better than we could have hoped or imagined. Not only that but it was delivered on time and on budget, despite us providing them a TON of complicated directions and feedback along the way. They hit it out of the park any way you look at it.

Mike McCreless
Executive Director, Impact Frontiers
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The Results

The overlapping shapes in their logo are symbolic of how collaboration gives way to discoveries. The arrow is pointing upwards, and since arrows lead the way, it is clear that the mission of Impact Frontiers is not only to lead but to elevate. We used this as inspiration for the entire website style. We wanted all pages to feel positive, cohesive, and forward-moving.

We also created a custom discussion board with them that works specifically for their needs. Instead of having an open forum board, Impact Frontiers wanted to create discussions around specific topics, building their research for final papers. So we made a custom WordPress plugin that allows them to ask a prompt and let people discuss in one place.

“They consistently exceeded expectations.”

Mike McCreless
Executive Director, Impact Frontiers