Jaguar CreekBranding an eco-lodge in the heart of Belize's rainforests

Nestled in the heart of Belize’s rainforest, Jaguar Creek is a culturally authentic eco-lodge that donates back to its community. We helped them create a fresh, friendly website to accurately represent their local personality and charm.


2019 – 2020




Humanitarian Nonprofit


Web & UX Design, Web Development, Print Design

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Here’s the story of how we redesign for an eco-lodge in the heart of the Belize rainforest

Jaguar Creek showcase

An out-of-date website was holding back their online appeal, especially compared to their luxury competitors. Keeping up with their competition while not sacrificing their own values was previously a difficult balancing act. They wanted their site to immediately resonate with their clients, solidifying their brand identity and unique selling proposition.

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After interviewing supporters and new potential donors, we learned that some people thought the brand rescued trafficked victims. Others thought they took donated products and resold it to donate the money. There was a disconnect between the original name and their actual service to Northern Thailand.

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Jaguar Creek showcase
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We focused on creating a design that was mature, elegant, but still down-to-earth and friendly. Using their amazing photography, we guided the user through a minimalistic site, highlighting it with soft, watercolor illustrations. We wanted the target audience to see the location through the large photos and desire to be there more than anywhere else.

Brave Factor Jaguar Creek website
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