, a high-level custom development firm, sought to enhance its digital presence to reflect its unique identity better and attract its ideal clientele. They partnered with Brave to create a consistent, positive brand experience that would elevate their image and position them as leaders in their industry.


Brand Strategy, Digitial Strategy, Web & UX Design and WordPress Development


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The Challenge faced a significant challenge with their existing digital presence. Their website and brand positioning resembled a marketing agency’s, which led to misalignment with their target audience. They needed to reposition their message and visual identity to connect with the right clients and effectively convey their expertise in custom development services.


Through extensive Discovery workshops, we delved into the core of‘s identity, exploring their purpose, values, and differentiation factors. We identified the need for a solid brand foundation to guide the project’s direction and ensure consistency across all touchpoints.

The client desired their new brand to exude confidence, trustworthiness, and professionalism while retaining elements of their playful and unique style. They sought a design that would set them apart from traditional service companies and communicate their innovative approach to custom development.

The Results

Our team crafted a comprehensive brand passport that encapsulated‘s essence and provided a roadmap for the project. Leveraging insights from the Discovery process, we developed a website design that perfectly balances premium aesthetics and distinctiveness.


The new website showcased as a leading authority in custom development, featuring sophisticated design elements such as gradients, textures, and collage elements while maintaining a polished and professional appearance. Through strategic repositioning and thoughtful design execution, achieved its goal of establishing a more mature brand identity and attracting the right clients, setting the stage for continued growth and success in the digital landscape.