nonprofit design process
tiffany heah branding design

Creating a visual identity of who you are and who you want to become.

A logo is the face of your organization. It tells your story. It conveys your values. It hints at your brand’s personality. And it helps establish an emotional connection with your ideal target audience. We love connecting with amazing causes to bring out their unique styles in their branding.

Transform abstract ideas into a living design.

We’ve worked hard optimizing our discovery process to get a thorough understanding of who you are, what makes you unique, and what is important to your brand. We can help your nonprofit or social enterprise grow with:

Brand Positioning

We work together to create a guiding star for your organization, based on your core values and a unique brand position. Learn more about brand strategy →

Logo Design

We create a strong visual identity for your nonprofit with an iconic logo that helps your organization stand out and allow for future growth.

Brand Guidelines

We craft a thorough guide that defines the core of who your nonprofit is, the tone of voice, logo guidelines, typography use, colors, and examples of the brand in action.

Collateral & Reports

We can support your organization beyond strategy or logos. We also help with business card design, annual reports, infographics, letterhead designs, and more.