We’re happy to share that our founder, Lauren Kay has been chosen as one of the Anthem Awards’ Judges! It’s an honor for our team, as before we won Bronze in Webby’s Anthem Awards for Gali Fakta.
As an entrepreneur and designer, Lauren has channeled her passion for helping good causes succeed through her role as the founder and CEO of Brave Factor, a digital agency focused on supporting nonprofits.

About the Anthem Awards’ Judge

The Anthem Awards have become the most comprehensive social impact award since their launch in 2021 by The Webby Awards. They celebrate and recognize individuals and organizations that have made a substantial difference in various domains of social impact work. The judging panel are comprised of intellectually diverse leaders renowned for their contributions to different social causes, such as LGBTQ advocacy, racial equity, climate justice, mental health, gun control, and more.

Judge Insight: Drive a campaign’s success

In an interview with the Anthem Awards team, Lauren Kay shares her invaluable insights on what it takes to create real-world change.
Consistency and perseverance. Change doesn’t happen overnight. With technology, we have the chance to create experiences that could go viral, but even the follow-through to that success requires consistent efforts.
Emphasizes that mobilizing long-lasting action requires deep consideration and intentionality. It’s not merely about generating short-term impact but about building sustainable solutions that drive positive change on both grassroots and global levels. Read more about the full interview here
This year, the 3rd Annual Anthem Awards will honor the potential for social impact work to catalyze change throughout society with the theme “Change is a Chain Reaction. To have your initiatives and campaigns seen by the brightest minds leading the social impact sector, enter before the Early Entry Deadline on July 28th!